Welcome to Curly's Mojo Catalog of Amazing Stuff!

Curly's Mojo is very excited to have published our first anthology of short stories: Decalogue by Daniel Shansky. Each story is a modern interpretation of one of the 10 Commandments, it's value to our lives and possible consequences if not adhered to. It also includes 10 original illustrations by our own Howard "Curly" Greenberg.

We shall always make Adult and Children's Coloring Books. They are the heart of Curly's Mojo and close to the heart of Curly, intrepid doodler and residence artist of Curly's Mojo.

As we create new and exciting products, we'll put them out here and hope that you like them enough to purchase them. give us your opinion about our new products by sending us an email. If you'd love to see how one of Curly's designs looks as a scarf or a "T" or whatever...send us an email and we'll send you a jpeg. And if we like your idea we'll put it up on our site for everyone to be able to buy it. We can do this because all our clothing are "Made on Demand."

We are proud to announce that Curly's Mojo has added a line of high-end women's apparel through the global marketer, www.shopvida.com. Click on this link to see and order from the entire line.

Curly has also added a closet-full of women's pencil skirts, and chemises dresses, men's hoodies and neckties sold through www.galloree.com, all under the Curly's Mojo label and all On-Demand. Check out our new clothing line inspired by the colors and musical excitement of Brazil..."BraZilia."