It all started with Curly's Doodles, a coloring book for adults and the 3 Stooges!

two childhood buddies from Brooklyn, Howard "Curly" Greenberg and

"Mo"Joe  Shansky decided to do something with those doodles.

Curly's been drawing these abstract designs with ball point pen all his life. "I’d draw on planks of wood, on cardboard, even on my sister, but she’s not for sale." So it shouldn’t be a surprise that he needed to do something with all these drawings. "So my best friend growing up said, Hey, Howie, you should put these drawings together and make an adult coloring book!”" That was my friend Joe, who is the “Mo” in Mojo. I had to slap my forehead and say... well after recovering from that slap I praised his “out-of-the-box thinking and started to gather up these “adventures into escapism” and allow everybody who wants to, use my drawings to de-stress while coloring these winding paths leading nowhere (or you tell me what you see.) You can browse our web site and see what other “amazing stuff” we plan to manufacture from these drawings... like men’s and women’s clothing, furniture covers and pillows, home goods, and who knows what else? If you have any ideas about what else I can do with these designs send me an email. There will be a reward for ideas I end up using."
 Thanks for droppin' by - Curly & Mo